Field Day @ the Park: Back 2 School
August 1, 2017
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April 20, 2018
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Back 2 School Delivers

“Field Day Recap”

    By: JJ Howard

On August 20, 2017 “The Global Offset Of Depressing News Company” held their second annual “Field Day @ the Park” event. The festivities were once again inside Tower Grove Park with the “Sons of Rest” pavilion being the hub for staff, volunteers, and parents of the children participating activities all afternoon. This year’s theme was “Back 2 School” so the company provided 50 children with school supplies donated by our sponsors, along with fun games, and pizza at the end when the event was shifted inside the Stupp Center across from the hub station. Some of our sponsors included Avista Avion, Black Bound Entertainment, and theMatthew Mitchell All State Insurance Office. When asked what was the best part of the event volunteer Chasity Brisby said “ Being able to interact with the children and parents was the best part!” Other donors and vendors included Mix Up, Sky Hii, and the Thomas Dunn Center. A complete list of our sponsors are below and as always #spreadtheGOODnews.

All State: Matthew Mitchell Office
Avista Avion, LLC
Black Bound Entertainment, LLC
Mix Up
Sky Hii, LLC
Thomas Dunn Learning Center


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