About Us

Mission Statement

We are the GOOD Energy Network providing inspirational, motivational, and educational digital content serving our communities worldwide one story at a time. The G.O.O.D News Company is a acronym for the Global Offset Of Depressing News Company!

Founded by JJ Howard in 2017 while dealing with his own depression from a spinal cord injury suffered years before, he discovered that giving back and helping his community, in return helped him with his mental condition and gave him a great inner peace. “I always had a great compassion for humanity and wanted to help mankind like so many people helped me through my trails and tribulations. I'm also a big advocate for mental health and wanted to help fight the stigmatism that comes along with mental health issues” says the founder. So after volunteering and working with other nonprofits around his community, he decided to create the G.O.O.D. News Company, hoping he could touch the people, like the organizations he worked with touched him by sharing a simple philosophy “Spread the GOOD News.” We believe that through helping one another we can uplift one another to higher states of consciences, bringing forth a new of evolution of humanity. Below are OUR CORE VALUES .....


With ignorance comes fear and misunderstanding, education is the ultimate weapon to combat ignorance.


We just don't provide stories, we are creators. Creativity is the key towards innovation!


Compassion helps us understand one another, and opens the door to productive conversations towards a better future.


Please share YOUR story of positive contributions towards your COMMUNITY to help us "Spread the GOOD News" contact us